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Bubba The Love Sponge Lets Loose About Hulk Hogan Sex Tape on Howard Stern


Executive Stern Show producer, Gary “Bababooey” Dell’Abate is on record as saying that he thinks both Bubba The Love Sponge and Hulk Hogan are lying about being angry at each other. Furthermore, he isn’t the only person at the Stern Show who thinks that the entire Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal is totally fake. Not that the video is fake, I think everyone would agree that the tape is VERY real. However, many see the current feud between Bubba and the Hulkster as a simple publicity stunt to get both of them on the front pages of every tabloid/celebrity website. Needless to say, it’s working.

Watch The Video of The Hulkster Plowing Heather Clem

Hulk Hogan came on Howard Stern a few days before Bubba to promote a wrestling event. During that appearance, Hogan mentioned that he would be suing someone over the release of the tape. At the time, everyone assumed he meant and any other websites who would also distribute the tape. It was only until the lawsuit was announced that Bubba The Love Sponge (Bubba Clem) discovered that he, and his ex-wife, Heather Clem, were also part of the $100,000,000 lawsuit.

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Celebrities Attend 69th Venice Film Festival


Check out the tons of celebrities that attended the 69th Annual Venice Film Festival. Jonathan Demme, Leiv Shreiber, Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson and Michael Mann where just a few of the celebrities in attendance.

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Hannah Montana Cuts Tresses


Last night Ms. Miley Cyrus made the decision that she was going to change her haircut. Crazy followers around the country met the decision with happiness. The news flew through the social media world as Miley Cyrus shared the photos of her changed haircut. Celeb big timer hair fashionista Chris McMillan magically made the deed of changing her hair to mixed lengths. While he kept Cyrus’ Disney star feel. Everyone wondered her plans for her upcoming wedding with Mr. Hemsworth taking in account her new haircut. But for sure both Billy Cyrus and her husband to be absolutely loved her changed haircut. The image is courtesy of Twitter- via @MileyCyrus.


Engaged Miley Cyrus Sports A New Hair Style


Future Ms. Hemsworth makes the decision to disturb the social media community when she uploaded a new photo of herself with her hair chopped off. Miley Cyrus had well known hair cutter Chris McMillan shave all of her locks off and she enjoys every bit of attention she is getting. Ms. Miley Cyrus continues to try her best to step away from the Disney star that loads of viewers view her as to be. Everyone is totally hoping that she has plans on putting a wig for her wedding though, because that hairstyle is a little off. Miley Cyrus’ future husband has to be totally in love with her as that haircut is something else. The photo is courtesy of Twitter.


Ms. Katy Perry Told Press She Will Start Recording Label


Katy Perry has conquered the music charts as a pop artist. For years now Katy Perry has been making top rating singles time and time again. The pretty artist even has a film “Katy Perry: Part of Me” that is schedule for theaters on the first Thursday of July. Ms. Katy Perry is a business woman at heart that cannot be hold down as she now goes after the label of becoming a music mogul. Katy Perry stated to The Hollywood Reporter that she will be beginning her music label, but there isn’t a name as of yet. She tells, “I’m preparing for it now.” She is following in the footsteps of other incredible music artists as Madonna, who began Maverick Records in 1992, and Prince who started Paisley Records in 1985.


Witness Kate Upton’s Dangerous Curves In The Issue of GQ


Ms. Kate Upton has been converted into the number one model of each and every single dude as she has a good looking frame. Ms. Kate Upton slim figure, out of hand curves and huge boobs, which can be looked at spectacularly presented in the July issue of GQ magazine.

The pretty model will be seen wearing a blue, red and white star striped swimsuit. This model became well known when a video of her performing the dance move “Cat Daddy” was posted on YouTube, but was temporarily taken down due to disobeying “community guidelines.”. Many YouTube members protested and the video was posted back onto the video site.  Make certain to keep a look out on this amazing looking 20 year old model as she is assumed to to be doing amazing stuff with her career.



Reminiscence On The King Of Pop’s Career


The last week of June marks the three years anniversary of the King of Pop’s last day of his life. It was a very heartbreaking day when Michael Jackson perished at at the age of fifty due to a chest pains at his home. Dr. Conrad Murray , who was his house doctor which was over medicating him. Once the autopsy report announced that the untimely death was a homicide, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and is at this moment doing a 4 year sentence in prison.

Mr. Jackson truly had one of the best music careers probably forever and he inspired plenty of inspiring singers. Lots of loving fans and other musicians took to their Twitter profiles to say something sincere for the deceased pop icon. MJ’s legacy will last till the end of time for decades to come live on till the end of time!




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