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Toy Hunter with Jordan Hembrough


This show is enough to make you wish you never got any pleasure out of your childhood toys and instead, kept them in their original boxes, unopened in a dark attic somewhere. Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough, makes a living these days by finding finding those unopened toy treasures and flipping them to hardcore collectors. In 1998, Jordan opened Hollywood Heroes, a website that specializes in unique and popular vintage toys.

You can check out Toy Hunter on Wednesdays at 9pm on the Travel Channel.

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Bada Bling Brides on TLC


“The Learning Channel” isn’t all that into learning these days. In Bada Bling Brides, you get a glimpse into the D’Agostino family’s bridal shop. As you may have gussed from the title of the show, the D’Agostino family is Italian and they also need to cater to every “Italian Princess” that walks through their doors. You can catch BBB on TLC, Thursdays at 10pm. You can follow the conversation on Twitter by using #BADABLING. Although, for now, the only people tweeting anything about the show is TLC.

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Is Hardcore Pawn Another Fake Reality Show on TruTV?


Is there any show on TruTV that is actually real? Even the beginning of their slogan states, “It’s not reality…”. So, how can anyone be sure which shows are actually real? By now, most people understand that many, if not all, reality television shows have some sort of production team staging scenarios. This show is no different, and we’re not the only ones noticing that some of the customers/items featured on Hardcore Pawn look staged.

Don’t get us wrong, American Jewelry and Loan is a real pawn shop in Detroit. At 50,000 square feet, most people say it’s the biggest pawn shop they’ve ever visited. However, that, along with the Gold family who runs the shop, might be the extent as to how “real” the show is.

In an article for the New York Post, Linda Stasi wrote, “Besides that, a lot of it is clearly set up. For example, a woman comes into the shop with two horses and one donkey to pawn. Talk about a pile of horse manure!” The article was written back in 2010 when the show was just getting ready to premier. Along with being critical of the staged scenarios, Stasi also bashed the show for being a total ripoff of “Pawn Stars” which airs on the History Channel.

Find out if Flip Men is Fake.

Find out if South Beach Tow is Fake.

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Is ‘Flip Men’ Fake or Just a Shitty Show?


Short answer, it’s just a shitty show. Although, “Flip Men,” which airs on Spike TV (Season Premier July 22nd), is full of fake tension and made up scenarios, it isn’t totally fabricated like other fake-reality TV shows.

The difference between this reality show and others is that several other shows are able to make the “fake tension” interesting, at the very least. Take the episode, “Million Dollar Money Pit” for example. Right off the bat, producers try to create suspense in a “bidding war” that is anything but suspenseful. The property being auctioned at the beginning of the show started at 1.5 million dollars, with only one other bidder, the price grew to 1.6 million dollars. This is hardly a nail-biting moment, especially when you consider that investors/companies like Flip Men, Doug and Mike, have cash on-hand to purchase these properties. Maybe audiences would have more sympathy and interest for a regular family trying to invest in this sort of property.

However, as far Doug Clark and Mike Baird go, they might just be the most uninteresting people on television (aside from the Kardashians, of course). They lack even the smallest amount of charisma needed to be a television personality, even if it is just reality television.

My advice, if you want to watch Flip Men, check out the episode guide here but try to catch it on Spike TV because watching on the website is one of the worst online experiences since dialing on to AOL.

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Entourage Series Finale Review


The series finale of Entourage on HBO was, in one word, terrible. If you had to describe it in two words, it would be, “terrible and predictable.” The series ended in a methodical manner as the writers gave each character their own form of half-assed “closure” which is obviously meant to hold off audiences and fans until the Entourage movie debuts.

The question is, “will anybody care about the characters of Entourage after a boring and systematic series finale that left everyone with the sort of fairytale ending that would make a Disney character jealous?”

During the episode prior to the series finale, we already find out what fate has in store (at least in the short term) for Drama and Turtle. Drama is guaranteed his role in the made-for-TV movie he has been pursuing, but only after some help from Vince’s checkbook. This gives Drama everything he has wanted during the Entourage series, a leading role in a movie (even though it’s only on television) that has the potential to revive his acting career.

All of Turtle’s wildest dreams are also fulfilled as he reaches his ultimate goal of being financially independent from Vince (even though it’s because of Vince’s decision not to sell his share of “Avion Tequila” and buying Turtle’s shares as well). At the end of that episode we already know that Turtle is a multi-millionaire.

We learned what was to become of Ari Gold, Vincent Chase and Eric (“E”) during the Series Finale which aired last night. The two most obvious things that occurred during the finale was Ari quitting the agency and Vince announcing his engagement to a girl he just met (but claimed to have fallen in love with).

In fact, much of the Entourage Series Finale was dedicated to Vince’s abrupt engagement and the relationship between E and Sloan. The entire episode played out as if the entire series was based on some poorly written romance novel with no apparent end. The episode ended with the entire Entourage gang getting on a private plane to Italy, except for Sloan and E who were given their own plane (by Vince) to go where they wanted. Again, no real ending at all.

By far, the best part of the Entourage series finale was a scene that came after the final credits rolled. This scene wasn’t great because of the “twist” it added to what is sure to be part of the Entourage movie’s plot, but because of Mrs Ari Gold (Melissa) parading in front of the camera in a sexy swimsuit and showing off her incredible body right in front of the camera. It may have been the only decent scene shot since the days of “Medellin,” a time in the series when most fans think the series should have come to an end.

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South Beach Tow is a New Fake Reality Show Produced by Jennifer Lopez on truTV


Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer for a new, fake reality television show on truTV titled, South Beach Tow. Apparently, even the Miami Herald is playing into the show’s premise of being “reality” stating in an article that the show is an “All Worked-Up Type reality show.” However, anyone who has seen other truTV “reality” programs knows that most shows are staged and scripted.

One comment from a Miami native who responded to the Miami Herald’s interview with Robert Ashenoff, the show’s star and head of Tremont Towing, read, “This show is staged. I witnessed arguments between the staff and actors with multiple takes meaning the scene was re-done over a few times. That’s not reality. Some of this show is definitely staged, maybe not all scenes, but definitively some scenes.”

Another comment stated, “This show really sucks! Way to go J-Lo. Makes Miamians look like idiots. All the scenes are definitely staged. The actors are just as bad as JLo’s acting skills. I love the Tony Montana skit…that was hilarious. I give it 2 months before they cancel it.”

So, is South Beach Tow Fake? In one word, yes. South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

Check out this episode of South Beach Tow right here. Love watching television? Check out the Entourage Series Finale Review.

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