David Spade Remembers Infamous David Skippy Malloy Attack on Howard Stern

David “Skippy” Malloy was David Spade’s personal assistant and if you ask Spade, he would also say Skippy was a close friend. That is, until the night of November 29 in 2000. That is the night that David “Skippy” Malloy allegedly attacked David Spade, beating him and zapping him with a stun gun, while Spade slept in his bed.

Spade has gone into details of the story in the past saying that the police report stated Skippy’s plan was to knock Spade out by stunning and punching him so he would be able to reach for Spade’s shotgun underneath his bed. Spade has mentioned that he feels David “Skippy” Malloy was feeling depressed at the time and that his plan was to commit a murder/suicide.

David Spade called in to the Howard Stern Show this morning to promote, “Rules of Engagement” and he transitioned into the story in an odd way; joking that he was home alone but had a vision of Skippy. Spade eventually began to revisit the night of the attack and explained what happen in detail.

“I kind of bar the door. I’m still a pussy about it.” Spade said about how he lives his life nowadays. He recalled seeing Skippy standing just outside his bedroom door as he awoke, just before the attack occurred. After taking several punches to the head and being shocked with a taser, Spade managed to escape from his bedroom.

“I was lucky to get out of there… I think he did like an 8 ball that night. He was tazing me so that I would be incapacitated and he could reach for the gun.” Eventually, Spade made it out to his front lawn where the two continued to scuffle until Spade got away again. He describes running back into the house and slamming the door behind him just enough so that it clicked shut, which bought him enough time to run up to his bedroom and finally retrieve the shotgun from underneath his bed.

He immediately thought to go into his bathroom which was one of the only rooms with a lock. He recounted his thoughts saying, “Ah man I gotta shoot this guy? He was my friend 20 minutes ago.” Spade recalls yelling out, “I’m gonna shoot you” and walking out of the bathroom to call the cops.

Once the cops arrived, Spade didn’t want to “rat” on his friend but after a while the police realized the intruder must have been someone he knew. Although he eventually revealed Skippy’s identity, Spade never pressed charges.

“He still works in Hollywood. I don’t want to keep piling on this guy but whatever.” Spade said towards the end of his interview.

Check out this audio of the infamous David Spade Skippy Attack from the Adam Carolla show in 2008.


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