South Beach Tow is a New Fake Reality Show Produced by Jennifer Lopez on truTV

Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer for a new, fake reality television show on truTV titled, South Beach Tow. Apparently, even the Miami Herald is playing into the show’s premise of being “reality” stating in an article that the show is an “All Worked-Up Type reality show.” However, anyone who has seen other truTV “reality” programs knows that most shows are staged and scripted.

One comment from a Miami native who responded to the Miami Herald’s interview with Robert Ashenoff, the show’s star and head of Tremont Towing, read, “This show is staged. I witnessed arguments between the staff and actors with multiple takes meaning the scene was re-done over a few times. That’s not reality. Some of this show is definitely staged, maybe not all scenes, but definitively some scenes.”

Another comment stated, “This show really sucks! Way to go J-Lo. Makes Miamians look like idiots. All the scenes are definitely staged. The actors are just as bad as JLo’s acting skills. I love the Tony Montana skit…that was hilarious. I give it 2 months before they cancel it.”

So, is South Beach Tow Fake? In one word, yes. South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

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